Episode 111: Chew Geekery with John Layman!

Once an editor for Wildstorm comics, John Layman turned to writing comics full-time in 2002, and has worked on a stellar array of titles including Gambit, The Fantastic Four, Xena, Thundercats and many more. John has also written a number of creator-owned titles at Image Comics, including the award winning Chew - a series about an FDA agent who solves crimes by receiving psychic impressions from anything he eats ... which can include people.

John was kind enough to take time out of a hectic FanCon Comic Convention schedule to share his path to geekdom, his first exposure to Dungeons and Dragons, falling in love with the Cerebus comic book, and when he knew he wanted to make writing his life's work.

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Episode 110: Goonish Geekery with Eric Powell!

Eric Powell has written and provided artwork for Dark Horse, DC Comic and Marvel, and is known for 'The Goon' - his original series which picked up multiple Eisner Awards as well as an International Horror Guild award.

Powell's origin story is a fantastic one, and serves as a awesome example and inspiration to creators who want to do their own thing.

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Episode 109: Top Cow Geekery with Matt Hawkins!

Matt Hawkins is a veteran of the initial Image Comics launch, and has worked in the comic book publishing industry since 1993. Since that time, he's had many roles including creator, writer and executive, and currently serves as the president and COO of Top Cow productions.

Matt was gracious enough to share with us his path to geekdom, how he got into the comics industry while never having read a single comic, and describes his first torturous job interview with Rob Liefeld and the team.

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Episode 108: Wrestlemania Geekery with Vittorio Leonardi!

Being a geek is about the passion you have for your chosen fandom, and being able to celebrate it with those who share that interest.

Release The Geek co-host Vittorio Leonardi recently travelled to the US to experience the ultimate in sports entertainment: Wrestlemania. A long time wrestling fan, Vic sat down with us to share how it felt to be a part of this massive extravaganza, and what it was like to chat to the heroes of his youth.

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Episode 107: MettleState Geekery with Barry "Anthrax" Louzada!

Competitive esports in South Africa has been around for a while, but only now is it just starting to take off, with at least four separate tournaments offering prize money in the millions to best players around. But, as is often the case, the current generation are indebted to those who came before, and one of those names is Barry "Anthrax" Louzada. During his tenure as a competitive gamer, Anthrax held South African national colours multiple times and garnered a reputation as one of the country's best gamers both locally and internationally.

His experience as a player at the highest levels has him in good standing for his next major challenge as part of the MettleState team, a multi-gaming and esports organisation that is bringing state of the art production values to esports tournaments in an effort to bring greater professionalism to every aspect of South African competitive gaming.

For more info, head over to the Mettlestate website!


Episode 106: Kin Con Geekery with Morgane Leleux!

Morgane Leleux is a much loved and respected South African cosplayer who started SA's first dedicated cosplay event, Kin Con. We spoke to Morgane live at the spiritual successor to Kin Con, CosXP, and found out about her path to geekdom, how she got into cosplay, and her advice for budding (and not so budding) cosplayers.

For more info on cosplay, check out the Cosplay South Africa website!


Episode 105: YouTube Consultant Geekery with The Social Bard!

This week we continue with YouTube as our topic focus, but we're going to look at it from a different angle. Carla Harris is the Social Bard - a consultant who focuses on helping businesses and creators grow their YouTube and online video audiences by helping direct more traffice and activity to their video content.

How effective is Carla? Well, since he started consulting with the 'How To Be A Great Game Master' channel on YouTube in March 2016, their subscriber numbers have risen 2083%, and they're currently sitting on over 11,000 subscribers.

You can find out more about The Social Bard on her website. You can also follow her on both Facebook and Twitter, but best of all you can find her on YouTube! And finally, if you'd like more information about the Palaeontological Scientific Trust that Carla spoke about during the podcast, you can find it at their website.


Episode 104: YouTuber Geekery with Chani_ZA!

This episode, we step into the world of YouTube creators in South Africa. Chantelle Alexander (or Chani_ZA as she's better known) is not only a YouTube creator, but also one of the co-hosts for the NAG podcast. We sat down to chat to this console gamer girl about her path to geekdom and why she chose to jump into YouTube content creation.

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Episode 103: Moar Cosplay Geekery with Kinpatsu Cosplay!

Tayla Barter, otherwise known as Kinpatsu Cosplay, started cosplaying for the first time just over four years ago. Since then, the South African has gone on to amass over 100,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook alike, and is now looking to make cosplay her full time profession.


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Episdoe 102: Radio Broadcast Geekery with Chris Jordan!

Chris Jordan has built a successful career in radio broadcast, stretching back from his days at Tuks FM at university through to be the producer for 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest'. Chris is now giving back to the community, helping young announcers find their way with the first text book in South Africa that covers radio broadcasting.

You can find more information about Chris and his book 'A Word On Radio' at his website.


Episode 99: Tech Parenting Geekery with Nikki Bush!

Creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush, joins us to talk about how parents can help guide their children in an ever-changing world of technology!

Nikki is THE "go to" expert when it comes to parenting in South Africa, a much sought after speaker and author who provides incredible and easy to understand insights on a very difficult topic.

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Episode 98: Urbane Myths Geekery with Vittorio Leonardi!

Release The Geek co-host Vittorio Leonardi has always been fascinated by the strange and the bizarre and, in 2017, he'll be launching is new podcast, Urbane Myths!

This episode of RTG is a sneak preview of what you can expect from Urbane Myths. In this episode, Vittorio talks about the Vela Incident, where a Vela Hotel satellite captured a flash of something in the Southern Indian Ocean. Thing is, the Vela satellites were designed to detect nuclear explosions ...


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Episode 97: Tech-Savvy Parenting Geekery with Nikki Bush & Arthur Goldstuck!

As a final lead in to all new 2017 podcast episodes, we present another fantastic ICON 2016 panel, which directly links to next week's podcast - South Africa's 'go-to' parenting expert, Nikki Bush, and South Africa's 'go-to' tech advisor, Arthur Goldstuck, took to the stage to talk about how to be a tech-savvy parent in an ever changing world!


Episode 96: SA Urban Legend Geekery with Arthur Goldstuck!

Was back in the dark times of 2016, we chatted to the 'go-to' guy of SA tech, Arthur Goldstuck, about his path to geekdom. During the chat, he mentioned he'd written a number of books about urban legends and we were keen to here more - so we organised him a panel at ICON 2016!

Join Les Allen and Vittorio Leonardi on stage with Arthur Goldstuck as we talk about South African urban legends!

You can find more about Arthur's work at the 'Legends From A Small Country' website, or follow him on Twitter (@art2gee)!


Episode 94: Webcomic Geekery with The Variants Cover Team!

We are now well into the festive season, but there are plenty of you out there who either didn't take leave or who were denied it and have now been stuck at work (hopefully, it isn't that busy at time for you). This can be an onerous time, particularly for office workers who may not have a lot going on.

To help you wile away the drudgery, the Variants Cover team has come to your rescue - there are hundreds, if not thousands of entertaining and thought-provoking webcomics out there that can help ease the passage of time. The Variants Cover team, in their ever so humble opinion, give you a raft of webcomic recommendations, along with the reasons as to why you might like a particular one based on other things you like.

You can find The Variants Cover crew on Twitter - @GregJNell, @NasWho, and @JustLimpho!


Episode 93: Best Comics of 2016 Geekery with The Variants Cover Team!

With the festive season just around the corner, you're going to need help with gift ideas for the comic geek in your life (or even for yourself if you want to dip your toe into the deep comic pool). The Variant Covers team steps into the breach to help identify the best comics of 2017 to make your shopping decisions much easier!

You can find The Variants Cover crew on Twitter - @GregJNell, @NasWho, and @JustLimpho!