The next best thing to experiencing something yourself is to hear people talk about their interests, sharing their experiences and stories. And the best stories are those that come from passion - striving to overcome obstacles on your way to succeeding in your chosen field, funny anecdotes, hardships endured.

"Release The Geek" is our forum to chat to people who are geeky about something - they could be successful, semi-so, or on their way to achieving a level of it but they've all got one thing in common - passion. Can't replicate it. And we want to share their experiences, their hurdles, their stories with the greater geek populace (or anyone who would care to listen).

Why? Maybe for inspiration. Maybe to get messages out to the broader geek community. But most of all, for the fun of great conversations and great stories.

We sincerely hope you, whoever you are or may be, really enjoy it, too. The Release The Geek team is made up of: